Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Proud Momma!

I endeavored to raise my children with a love and respect for this planet. As small children you can see them love their pets, the birds, the animals on hikes, and even their stuffed animals. However, you really wonder if that love will remain when they grow and enter this busy, consumer-focused society as adults.
Last weekend, however, I was thrilled to see my 27 year-old daughter displaying compassion and true joy for animals!
We live in Colorado and are experiencing a drought. Many animals, including the bees, are suffering from a lack of moisture due to fewer flowers and lack of rain. My daughter read the Taproot Guru posting about how to create a bee feeder and came to my house last weekend. The bees were swarming my hummingbird feeders trying to get something to drink. Together we took a shallow pan, decorative marbles she had brought, and some sugar-water and placed it outside on the deck railing a few feet from the hummingbird feeders. The bees proceeded to gather and she stood among them. She was thrilled to have them buzzing around her entire body and she stood there watching their behavior as they drank. She was so excited to see them licking and grooming each other and she even witnessed them helping one of their fellow bees out of the water after being submerged and they all dried it off together until he was able to fly again.  She asked me to video her among the bees and post it to social media to show everyone that the bees are harmless and beautiful.
I was happy for the bees, but I was most happy to see the joy on her face and to know that I have instilled a love and caring for animals and this planet that will continue long after I am gone.
~ Guru Annette

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