Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Proud Momma!

I endeavored to raise my children with a love and respect for this planet. As small children you can see them love their pets, the birds, the animals on hikes, and even their stuffed animals. However, you really wonder if that love will remain when they grow and enter this busy, consumer-focused society as adults.
Last weekend, however, I was thrilled to see my 27 year-old daughter displaying compassion and true joy for animals!
We live in Colorado and are experiencing a drought. Many animals, including the bees, are suffering from a lack of moisture due to fewer flowers and lack of rain. My daughter read the Taproot Guru posting about how to create a bee feeder and came to my house last weekend. The bees were swarming my hummingbird feeders trying to get something to drink. Together we took a shallow pan, decorative marbles she had brought, and some sugar-water and placed it outside on the deck railing a few feet from the hummingbird feeders. The bees proceeded to gather and she stood among them. She was thrilled to have them buzzing around her entire body and she stood there watching their behavior as they drank. She was so excited to see them licking and grooming each other and she even witnessed them helping one of their fellow bees out of the water after being submerged and they all dried it off together until he was able to fly again.  She asked me to video her among the bees and post it to social media to show everyone that the bees are harmless and beautiful.
I was happy for the bees, but I was most happy to see the joy on her face and to know that I have instilled a love and caring for animals and this planet that will continue long after I am gone.
~ Guru Annette

Sunday, May 6, 2018

As the Crow Flies!

As The Crow Flies…..

I am a Wandering Soul and Nature is my one of my very best friends…only problem is, I have absolutely no sense of direction!!! And therefore, I have, on occasion, gotten myself quite lost in the wilderness!
This takes me to a day in the not too distant past. 

It was the first really warm day of Spring, and I decided it was time for a long walk.  I headed to a wooded area in a camp across the street from my house…and yes, I got lost across the street from my house!! In my defense, I had wandered for several hours, zigging and zagging and paying very little attention to my path or to landmarks. But rather I was engrossed by the beauty of Nature…new nests being built, busy Squirrels enjoying the warmth, a magnificent Hawk flying so close I could have reached out and touched it, a magical variety of bugs doing what bugs do!! And then of course there are what I call my omen hunts, looking for gifts from Nature, be it a fallen feather or that perfectly shaped heart stone.

Lo and behold, I suddenly realized the Sun was beginning to set and I had absolutely no clue which way was home!!! I stood in the middle of a large field, turning in circles and trying to pick a direction…I was totally lost!!! So, I did what I usually do in a case like this…I asked Mum Gaia for Her help…within a couple of minutes I heard a very familiar and much cherished sound….CROWS!!! My Spirit Guides and cherished companions…now mind you, there are sadly no Crows roosting in my neighborhood at the moment…I drive about 15 minutes from my home to visit with them quite often. However, on this day about 30 Crows approached overhead, my saviors, calling out loudly to me…most folks would have heard cawing, but I heard ‘Hey, our friend Wandering Soul, follow us’!!! So I did, and they lead me out of the field, through the woods and home. 

Crows will be forever sacred to me…I wish they were better understood by most folks…they are not harbingers of evil, they are not vicious, and they do not steal babies!!!! Quite the contrary, they are highly intelligent birds, curious and playful, and if ever you befriend them, they will be loyal and caring companions! In fact, they may even bring you shiny gifts!! 

I highly recommend doing a bit of study on these magnificent birds, you will not be sorry. (Same goes for Ravens!!!)

Guru Maria

Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Chipmunks near my home in the Colorado Rockies take full
advantage of the black oil sunflower seeds I feed the birds on my upper deck. Seeds fall below and they scramble from their dens in the rocks and gather their stores.  I love watching them scamper around, dine on grasses, and chatter in their sweet chirrups.

Last summer I had an unforgettable experience with one of them.

My dog had recently had surgery and wasn't allowed to jump up on furniture. I knew he would jump on my bed and hurt himself, so I took the bed apart, launched it over my deck railing, and threw it away (I'm certain if any neighbors could see me they questioned my sanity). Every morning I opened my large deck door to let in the cool morning breezes. One day I was up very early, opened the door, and returned to my bed on the floor. 

A little while later I felt someone staring at me and very slowly opened my eyes. There he was. A chipmunk was perched on my left shoulder staring right into my eyes as I lay sleeping on my side. I quietly said "hello little guy" to him and very gingerly began to sit up. Amazingly, he didn't run away from fear. He just ran down my arm to the floor in front of me and looked straight into my eyes. I continued talking to him while placing a blanket over my dog so he wouldn't awaken and scare the little guy. I gently sat up and stood up. He never moved.

Once I was standing, he chirruped and looked at me and went several feet to my bedroom door. I followed as he went a few more feet, turned and looked at me again. I followed him all the way out of the house to my upper deck where he jumped on the railing, looked up at the bird feeder, and proceeded to tell me that it needed to be refilled!

What a brave and intelligent little guy! 

I filled the bird feeder and he scampered below to graze. Several more times that summer he entered my house, found me, and told me the feeder was empty. I named him "Oliver" because he seemed to keep saying, "Please, sir, may I have more?"

The chipmunks have emerged once more and I look forward to seeing my little friend, Oliver, again.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

To BEE or Not To BEE

Hello Fellow Gurus,

As children we learned from Winnie-the-Pooh that bees made honey and loved the cute animated bees swarming about his head. Sadly, many of us grew to fear bees and as more pesticides have been used globally, their numbers have greatly diminished. But all is not lost...read on:
Recently, I met a friend of my cousin and in conversation she shared a wonderful experience. She and her husband noticed that a hive of bumble bees had taken up residence in one of the old tree stumps on their property. Being animal lovers and knowing the importance of bees, they left it alone to thrive. One day she was moving some manure in her truck and accidentally backed into the tree and the hive! Hundreds of bees launched out of the stump and flew around in a frenzy. When she realized what she had done, she pulled forward, jumped out of the truck and grabbed the teetering stump and righted it back to its normal resting position. It took her several minutes to position it, and during this process she noticed a single bee hovering around her. It seemed to be watching her.

When she had finished "fixing" the stump she looked over at the frenzy of bees. They had all gathered together and began to fly directly toward her, angry that she had disturbed their home. When she realized that they were preparing for attack, this bee-loving lady actually became worried and frightened. But just as she was staring at the swarm, she noticed that the single bee that had been watching her closely flew in between her and the angry mob. The entire mob stopped and hovered as the bee danced back and forth, up and down, and to her amazement the swarm returned to the hive. The single bee flew up to her face and buzzed her before also returning to the hive. That single bee knew that she had been helping them and told the hive. What an AMAZING and wonderful testament to the intelligence and understanding of bees! 


Friday, July 22, 2016

Protecting the birdies ...

Hi Gurus ….

I am sharing the news of the loss of one of my beautiful hummers this week caused by a flight path into one of the windows in my cabin. It is NEVER easy for me when I come across wildlife that has been killed but it is most difficult when I feel like I have played a part in it's death.

When I found her on my deck, I hoped, as I always do that, she was just winded and would spring back to life. Sometimes my hope is rewarded and indeed this happens. I wrapped her in a soft cloth and gave it a few days time before checking back and hoping for a miracle. Not this time, though.

I gave her a burial in the backyard, underneath the tipi … I know the energies will be peaceful there.

The next thing I did was pull out a decal I bought a few years ago and and unfortunately had not yet to actually make use of. It's a decal in the shape of a spider web and called the Warning Web. The research behind this as a warning system for birds has to do with a part of the web called the stabilimentum … an inner piece woven into the center of an orbital web.

The idea is to act as a warning as birds will avoid flying into these webs.

Has anyone had any luck with this kind of warning system working to keep the birds from flying into windows? What other things have worked for you in keeping the flying critters away from panes of glass?

Would love to get some feedback.

Either way … I have two of them up on the picture window and they will be hanging there as long as I'm here!