Sunday, May 6, 2018

As the Crow Flies!

As The Crow Flies…..

I am a Wandering Soul and Nature is my one of my very best friends…only problem is, I have absolutely no sense of direction!!! And therefore, I have, on occasion, gotten myself quite lost in the wilderness!
This takes me to a day in the not too distant past. 

It was the first really warm day of Spring, and I decided it was time for a long walk.  I headed to a wooded area in a camp across the street from my house…and yes, I got lost across the street from my house!! In my defense, I had wandered for several hours, zigging and zagging and paying very little attention to my path or to landmarks. But rather I was engrossed by the beauty of Nature…new nests being built, busy Squirrels enjoying the warmth, a magnificent Hawk flying so close I could have reached out and touched it, a magical variety of bugs doing what bugs do!! And then of course there are what I call my omen hunts, looking for gifts from Nature, be it a fallen feather or that perfectly shaped heart stone.

Lo and behold, I suddenly realized the Sun was beginning to set and I had absolutely no clue which way was home!!! I stood in the middle of a large field, turning in circles and trying to pick a direction…I was totally lost!!! So, I did what I usually do in a case like this…I asked Mum Gaia for Her help…within a couple of minutes I heard a very familiar and much cherished sound….CROWS!!! My Spirit Guides and cherished companions…now mind you, there are sadly no Crows roosting in my neighborhood at the moment…I drive about 15 minutes from my home to visit with them quite often. However, on this day about 30 Crows approached overhead, my saviors, calling out loudly to me…most folks would have heard cawing, but I heard ‘Hey, our friend Wandering Soul, follow us’!!! So I did, and they lead me out of the field, through the woods and home. 

Crows will be forever sacred to me…I wish they were better understood by most folks…they are not harbingers of evil, they are not vicious, and they do not steal babies!!!! Quite the contrary, they are highly intelligent birds, curious and playful, and if ever you befriend them, they will be loyal and caring companions! In fact, they may even bring you shiny gifts!! 

I highly recommend doing a bit of study on these magnificent birds, you will not be sorry. (Same goes for Ravens!!!)

Guru Maria

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