Friday, July 22, 2016

Protecting the birdies ...

Hi Gurus ….

I am sharing the news of the loss of one of my beautiful hummers this week caused by a flight path into one of the windows in my cabin. It is NEVER easy for me when I come across wildlife that has been killed but it is most difficult when I feel like I have played a part in it's death.

When I found her on my deck, I hoped, as I always do that, she was just winded and would spring back to life. Sometimes my hope is rewarded and indeed this happens. I wrapped her in a soft cloth and gave it a few days time before checking back and hoping for a miracle. Not this time, though.

I gave her a burial in the backyard, underneath the tipi … I know the energies will be peaceful there.

The next thing I did was pull out a decal I bought a few years ago and and unfortunately had not yet to actually make use of. It's a decal in the shape of a spider web and called the Warning Web. The research behind this as a warning system for birds has to do with a part of the web called the stabilimentum … an inner piece woven into the center of an orbital web.

The idea is to act as a warning as birds will avoid flying into these webs.

Has anyone had any luck with this kind of warning system working to keep the birds from flying into windows? What other things have worked for you in keeping the flying critters away from panes of glass?

Would love to get some feedback.

Either way … I have two of them up on the picture window and they will be hanging there as long as I'm here!

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